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How to Clean Your Car Headlights
It doesn’t matter how fast your car is, you can only drive as fast as you can see down the road ahead of you. When the plastic lenses on your [...]
HOME / AUTOMOBILES / 10 Tips For Cleaning Your Car Like a Pro
Source: Michael Trevor Michael Trevor is a staple in the Cincinnati automotive scene. He is a man who knows damn near everyone, and has quite the [...]
2017 AMG SL63 Spy Photos
It’s just about time for Mercedes-Benz’s SL class to receive an update, having been introduced in late 2011, and we’ve captured some photos of their [...]
steve car
Steve Jobs discussed building an Apple car in 2008
Steve Jobs thought about making a lot of things. One of them was an Apple car. Tony Fadell, a former Apple senior vice president, confirmed to Bloomberg [...]
Honda shows off dramatic new Civic coupe at New York show
If a sporty lime-green metallic coupe shown at the New York auto show is any indication, Honda isn’t playing it safe with the Civic anymore. When the [...]
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What to Do After Buying a Used Car
After rigorous reconditioning by its owner, a used car may look almost new. Still, it’s a good idea to have the car inspected by a trusted mechanic [...]
The 10 Best Car Engines for 2016
With another year having come and gone, it means that there is a whole new year of new powertrains and engines to look forward to. As auto technology [...]
7 Safest SUVs Starting Under $25K for 2016
Light truck sales, which include SUVs, now eclipse passenger car sales on the U.S. market, and the higher concentration of large vehicles is behind [...]
2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet Teased
Source: Motor Authority Mercedes-Benz’s latest C-Class is a major leap in performance, dynamics and styling over the outgoing generation so it’s not [...]
5 Ways To Get Your Car Ready For Winter
Winter is here and the weather is going to start getting worse. It might be good for those who want a rest from the heat, but it’s a safety issue [...]
3 Do It Yourself Auto Repairs
Auto repair can drain your pocket fast. However, most of these expenses can be flashed by handling a wide range of the repairs yourself. You do not have to [...]
5 Signs That It’s Time For A New Car Battery
Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery is every motorist’s worst nightmare. The ordeal gets even worse when the power [...]