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Land Rover Defender vs. Toyota Land Cruiser
The respected Defender grew from and successively substituted the vaunted Land Rover Series 4x4s in 1983, and the Defender 110 led that duty. Land [...]
Why You Should Consider Used Cars
From car payments to regular car maintenance to obeying traffic laws, owning and operating a car isn’t only about the freedom to drive where you want [...]
Volkswagen New Beetle Review
The Beetle is among the most iconic cars not only in the history of the Volkswagen range of automobiles, but also of the history of cars. If you wish to [...]
Used Cars: A Smart Value for Your Money
If you’re thinking about investigating used cars for sale in Anchorage or in your area, read on for some top reasons why a purchasing a preowned [...]
What to Look for When Buying a Used Car
Though there are lots of things you can do to make sure you aren’t buying a lemon, here are just a few things that you should check before deciding [...]
Which Model of Dodge Is Right for You?
Dodge has a big lineup of vehicles, so this article will guide you through a few of these models, with the focus on models that are still in production. [...]
How do you find the right luxury car dealer for your car?
Your luxury car is an asset that you treasure a lot. So before you the luxury car, you need to choose the right dealer. Choosing the right dealership is [...]
10 Extreme Performance Cars from the 2016 Chicago Auto Show
Americans have this new-found interest in performance vehicles. Regardless of whether it is due to low fuel prices, more efficient and reliable [...]
10 New Cars for 2017 That We Can’t Wait to See
Now that we’ve made another pass around the sun, we’re well into 2016. For auto enthusiasts, that means something special: It means our local showrooms [...]
8 Badass Trucks from the 2016 Chicago Auto Show
I’m tired of going green. Give me some ass-kicking off-road attitude, along with a fat Honduran cigar and somemodern supercharger action and let’s call it [...]
How to Clean Your Car Headlights
It doesn’t matter how fast your car is, you can only drive as fast as you can see down the road ahead of you. When the plastic lenses on your [...]
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Source: Michael Trevor Michael Trevor is a staple in the Cincinnati automotive scene. He is a man who knows damn near everyone, and has quite the [...]