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Land Rover Defender vs. Toyota Land Cruiser
The respected Defender grew from and successively substituted the vaunted Land Rover Series 4x4s in 1983, and the Defender 110 led that duty. Land [...]
Choose the best Headlights for your Car
Like the rest of the automotive industry, technology has evolved the headlights to a great extent,. It all started modestly with gas lamps that spotted the [...]
Why You Should Consider Used Cars
From car payments to regular car maintenance to obeying traffic laws, owning and operating a car isn’t only about the freedom to drive where you want [...]
Things you should do Before Buying a Second Hand Car
1. Set a budget.  The most important thing you can do before you start your search for a used car in online classifieds. Setting a budget helps you narrow [...]
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What to Look for When Buying a Used Car
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Spring Car Care Tips: How to Get Your European Car Back Into Shape
Remove leftover salt. Road salt is extremely corrosive and may cause extensive damages to your car, especially on the car’s frame and subframe, [...]
Does a Car Affect a Man’s Image
Men tend to ask whether a car that has undergone a mobile auto detailing in Raleigh, NCwill be able to impress women or not. Well, the answer is generally [...]
Pimp Up your Ride with Gold Rims
rims’ (for autos) are the metal, round items that fit inside tires on wheels, interfacing with the pivot bars which move autos. By far most utilize [...]
Choosing LED Light Bars For Your Vehicle
An LED light bar is basically a strip of LED bright lights easily installed on vehicles. The bars are highly durable, energy efficient and lightweight with [...]
Types of Car Alarms That Protect Your Car Against Theft
Automobiles are some of the most expensive things we own. When it comes to protecting them, however, sometimes we fall short. We often leave valuables on [...]