Land Rover Defender vs. Toyota Land Cruiser

March 21, 2016 - Car Detailing Customization, Car News
Land Rover Defender vs. Toyota Land Cruiser

The respected Defender grew from and successively substituted the vaunted Land Rover Series 4x4s in 1983, and the Defender 110 led that duty. Land Rover’s new Ute tailored coil springs and full-time four-wheel-drive, offering more off-road ability when the going got tough. Gratefully those iconic lines improved a little.

This Defender 110 can play our hearts like a harp string. The UK-spec truck sports right-hand-drive, a requested 80,000 miles on the odometer, a new refurbishment, and a built-tough safari rack. The trader notes that they lived in South Africa for two years and upon moving back, brought the Defender back with them. Under the hood lies the pervasive 3.5-liter Rover V8.

Not a ‘Landy’ fan? Maybe Toyota’s FJ60 was more your flow. The 60 Series made its worldwide debut in 1981, and predictably you still see quite a few of these hard workers strolling around. Obtainable exclusively in four-door wagon style, the FJ60 accommodated up to seven and tailored a few more creative luxuries than its FJ55 forerunner. The Land Cruiser 4.2-liter straight-six stood tall at 135 horsepower.

This deep blue ’88 model sports a fresh refurbishment and a 3-inch Old Man Emu lift kit; the seller states that the drivetrain, carburettor, and reconstructed motor all function up to snuff, as do the meaty 33 inch BFG mud tires underneath just for land-dwelling. Toyota has played its part throughout history and both are extremely durable vehicles made for all terrain, but one thing… Land Rover has left its mark among luxury and class, and yet Toyota has maintained its image as a tough 4X4 that is meant for going on outdoor adventures and not struggle one bit in the tough terrain.

For those drivers who trust on a 4×4 for its knack to reach places that new breed of enormously popular SUVs, or ‘soft-roaders’, cannot reach, this crafts an obvious predicament. Which car can come close to best matching the Defender’s talent to wade through rivers, climb over boulders and carry an award-winning pig or two to the cattle market, whilst being an everyday vehicle and comfortable enough to take out the family for a Sunday lunch; all devoid of spending over R750.000 on a Range Rover that you would not appreciate getting dirty in the first place?

Now this is why we all love Land Rover; they have upheld their reputation for many a year. If you are interested in purchasing one of these or parts for them then please do not hesitate to contact Acrotek for more information in this regard.

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