Choose the best Headlights for your Car

March 21, 2016 - Car Detailing Customization
Choose the best Headlights for your Car

Like the rest of the automotive industry, technology has evolved the headlights to a great extent,.

It all started modestly with gas lamps that spotted the road lying directly in front of a car, and has now introduced laser which has expanded the vision horizon of the drivers,

There are a number of variations in the types of headlights available in the market. Each differs from the other, in terms of brightness, durability, energy efficiency, shape, pattern and color options, budget, etc.

While it is confusing for some, most of the rest choose one that is easy to install and lasts longer. Others choose the ones that are more energy efficient and less toxic.

To make things a little more easier regarding your choice for the best headlight for your car,  this article discusses some of the types of headlights available in the market and their features in brief.



Most of the cars, till date, are fitted with halogen headlights, by their manufacturers. These are the least expensive variety of car headlights available in the market. Easy to install, easy to procure halogen headlights are by far the most common headlight options.  Although the light range is limited, halogen lights are favored for the uniform glow that they emit. Made to last up to 1000 hours of continuous use, halogen is not so energy efficient as they emit a considerable amount of heat.



Better than Halogen, is energy efficiency the Xenon or HID headlights takes time to reach to their ultimate level of brightness. The bright blue light emitted from them is better in quality than Halogen lamps and they also have double the former’s durability.

The limitation of these HID headlights are that, they contain mercury, which is toxic for the nature, and if installed improperly can cause unnecessary glare which is dangerous for otherdrivers on the road.



The latest hot favorite in the car lighting market is the LED headlights for cars. Composed of light emitting diodes, these lamps run on very less energy and last the lifetime of a car. LED headlights for cars are favorites even to the automotive lighting manufacturers, because these miniscule lamps allow to be arranged in different patterns and designs and that too in a variety of colors. Although costlier than their halogen counterparts, LED headlights surpass the former, in terms of durability, energy efficiency, quality of light, and the variety of colors they are available in. LED headlights for cars are also very popular for their ease of installation. The kits available in the market, enables the car owners to complete the task over the weekend, by themselves.

The main disadvantage that is noted in LED headlights is that, contrary to popular belief they emit a certain amount of heat, which requires cooling to prevent meltdown.



The latest introduction in the car headlight market is the Laser headlight, which is still under improvement. Although it promises to be better than the rest of the technology present, it has still to go a long way of experimentation to be implemented in a profitable way for the manufacturers as well as the consumers.

As per the discussion above, it can be noted for the time being, that LED headlights for cars are by far the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions. But as we all know, technology is on its way to come up with the next best thing, that only time can tell.

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