Which Model of Dodge Is Right for You?

February 19, 2016 - Car News
Which Model of Dodge Is Right for You?

Dodge has a big lineup of vehicles, so this article will guide you through a few of these models, with the focus on models that are still in production.

Once you’ve decided what models you might be interested in, head into a Dallas Dodge dealership and take a few of them out for a test drive to help you make your final decision.

A Sensible Commuter Car

If you’re looking for a good commuter car to get you to and from work or around the city, then Dodge has 2 models currently in production that might meet your needs. The first is the Dodge Dart. This vehicle gets incredible gas mileage, with up to 41 miles per gallon on the highway. This compact car will get you from Point A to Point B without making you pay an arm and a leg for gas. Plus, it’s the most technologically advanced vehicle in its class, with great features like voice command for hands-free communication, rain-sensing wipers, and a rear backup camera. The Dart is a great vehicle for the modern business person on the go.

The second car you may want to consider is the Dodge Journey. This SUV crossover is slightly larger than the Dodge Dart, and has spacious seating for 7. In many ways, the Journey is a combination of a sensible commuter car and a family-focused vehicle. With all of the seating and extra cargo space, you can haul your kids to practice and camp, but you can also get decent fuel efficiency on your way to work, with up to 26 miles per gallon.

A Family-Focused Car

If you want a car that’s great for hauling your family around, there are 2 vehicles for you to consider, in addition to the Journey mentioned above. The first is the Grand Caravan. It’s a classically styled minivan with seating for 7 and room for all of your kids’ gear. With optional entertainment systems and up to 25 miles per gallon, it’s great for taking the kids on road trips.

The Durango is Dodge’s family-friendly SUV. It has a ton of interior space for your family and their cargo, and it gets up to 27 miles per gallon on the highway. The Durango also has a lot of incredible technology options, including entertainment screens to distract your kids on long drives.

A Fun Sports Car

Looking for something that’s a bit more fun and has a lot more power? Dodge has a great lineup of sports cars and muscle cars to rev your engine. Perhaps the most popular one today is the Charger. This beast of a car has a 700-horsepower Hellcat V8 engine, giving you more power than you ever dreamed of. Its sleek, sporty exterior is combined with a luxury interior for optimal comfort.

The Dodge Viper is a sports car that’s sure to turn some heads on the road. Its modern styling is sleek and aerodynamic, and it handles like a high-end race car. You’ll be able to feel the power in every curve and down every stretch of open road. There’s a reason they call it an “iconic super car.”


Dodge also has a full lineup of trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles to meet your needs. To find one that’s right for you, visit a Dallas Dodge dealership today!

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