Used Cars: A Smart Value for Your Money

February 19, 2016 - Car Detailing Customization, Car News
Used Cars: A Smart Value for Your Money

If you’re thinking about investigating used cars for sale in Anchorage or in your area, read on for some top reasons why a purchasing a preowned vehicle is a great idea!

Buy for Less

When you purchase a used car, you’ll save quite a bit of money. A brand new car loses an amazingly large amount of value the moment you drive it off the car dealership’s lot. That’s like taking your car budget and throwing the cash right out the car window.Just look at those C-notes fluttering away in the wind! But the money you put into a used car will stay there. Since a used car has already depreciated in value so much, the current worth of the car will maintain itself for far longer. Your car payments will be lower and you’ll likely be able to pay off the loan sooner. You may even be able to buy the car outright if you have enough money saved!

Insure for Less

Most people think only about the car when they’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, but they often forget the related expenses that go with it, like insurance. Since you’re probably getting a better car than the one you own currently, you’ll be paying more for car insurance. But if you buy new, you can expect that insurance bill to go up precipitously. With a preowned vehicle, your insurance rates won’t be so high. You can use the money you save to take your friends out in your car and show them the town!

Lower Taxes

In most states, you’ll find the government holding out their hand for a share of the car you just bought, and that tax is due right up front when you seal the deal. Plus you’ll have to pay for vehicle registration. This is where a used car can make you feel like a financially savvy person every year at renewal time! Keep your money with you, where it belongs, and pay lower taxes and registration fees with a preowned car that’s a better deal than a new car.

More Bling

Cars take you places, true; but you want to get where you’re going while having fun and in style! When youbuy a used car, your dollar stretches further in the form of the options you can afford. Features you couldn’t even consider adding to a new car become affordable when they’re in that perfect used car just waiting out there for you. Of course, you can’t custom design a used car with exactly the right features, but chances are you’ll find a car that has most, if not all, of the candy you want!

Peace of Mind

Once upon a time, buying a used car was a headache. You never knew whether you really were buying a properly maintained vehicle that grandma only drove to church on Sundays, or somebody’s hard-driven jalopy that was almost ready to fall apart. But today, you have easy access to reports about the condition of every car on the road. Using the vehicle identification number (VIN), you can look up everything you need to know about a car, especially the repair history and whether or not it should raise red flags about the car. You’ll also find many dealers that offer warranties on used cars that will make life easier in the event something does go wrong. Buying a used car today no longer means buying a pig in a poke; online resources are available to spare you a world of worry.

Buying new when you can find so many options for saving money on a used vehicle is crazy! If you’re looking for used cars for sale in Anchorage or in your hometown, keep in mind that you’ve made the right choice to find a great car.

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